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We are ending period poverty through our girls' period kits
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We promote and improve the sexual reproductive health of women and girls in Nigeria and across Africa
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We promote girlchild education and seek to reduce the percentage of out of school girls in Nigeria.
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We empower local women in business with scale up funds...
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Our Vision

Equal world for everyone.


Our Mission

To develop and create structures that will accelerate growth and development of women and girls in Nigeria and across Africa.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Innovation, Diversity

In a world of gross inequalities, marginalization, sentiments and bias, the attainment of gender equality demands daily conscious actions to promote the wellbeing, protect and empower the most vulnerable population – women and girls. 

Impact Her World Foundation formerly known as Rural Literacy Initiative is an organisation focused on promoting and improving the wellbeing of women and girls, protecting the rights of women and empowering them to actualize full potential in their diverse areas of personal and socioeconomic development. 

Our mandate lies in our drive to ensure that the wide gap in education, leadership (both political and cooperate), economy, as well as health as a result of gender inequality is breached through practical, evidence based and impact oriented program/ activities.


Our goal is to reach out to as many Women and girls as possible across Nigeria and Africa. Join us in making a difference today.

Our Partners and Sponsors

Next Leaders Initiative for sustainability, Japan

International Centre for Leadership Development

Healthy Thinking International, Sweden

Lagos State Government

African Youth Initiative on Crime Prevention

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